First Chapter in the State and in the Ruff Ryders Legacy, was in Los Angeles in 2001 and founded by “Magnum”

CHAPTERS:     Bakersfield, Fresno, High Desert, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Merced, Modesto, Monterey Bay, Oakland, Orange County, Oxnard, Palm Springs, Pamona, Pittsburg, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Stockton, and Valley.

High Desert Ruff Ryder Chapter History (Irwin, CA)

In June 2008, Rogaine was reassigned by the Department of Army to Fort Irwin, California. Shortly after his arrival, he began to research how to initiate a Ruff Ryder chapter on Fort Irwin. He contacted members of the Los Angeles Chapter for guidance. During this period he never received the proper information. At this same time, three friends Ike, Soup, and ReyRey were seeking to organize a motorcycle organization. Ike stated that he would only join Ruff Ryders. ReyRey was a member of #1 Stunnas and Soup a member of the Masonic Riders agreed that if they were to relinquish their colors it would be to join Ruff Ryders as well. All three began to research how to start a Ruff Ryder chapter. July 2008, Ghost Ryder was reassigned by the Department of Army to Fort Irwin. Soup saw his motorcycle parked outside the Landmark Inn and left a note on his bike about starting a Ruff Ryder chapter on Fort Irwin. Ghost Ryder was already researching through the Inland Empire (IE) chapter about starting a chapter on Fort Irwin. Ironically, no one knew that each was researching the same information at the same time. August 2008, GhostRyder received the blessing and the IE chapter was named as the mother chapter. He began to recruit potential members of the High Desert Chapter. Family Man (Pres of IE) sent Switchboard, Smash, Ms.T and Daredevil to assist with establishing the chapter. GhostRyder contacted Ike; Ike contacted Soup and ReyRey with the information. At that moment Ike, Soup and Rey Rey began to inform their friends about the Ruff Ryder movement on Fort Irwin. GhostRyder, Switchboard, Smash, Ms.T, Daredevil and Ike traveled to the Fresno RR annual and Half-way Run to be recognized as a chapter. Ike was the first prospect of the High Desert chapter. Soup and Rey Rey attended the annual but solidified to become members afterwards. Shortly after Fresno, Smash and Ms.T returned to IE before High Desert was completely established. On February 1, 2009 High Desert RR was an established and officially recognized chapter. The vesting ceremony was conducted in Bakersfield, CA during the Bakersfield RR annual Black History Parade. It was the first chapter in Ruff Ryder history to stand-up with 24 fully paid vested members and three Prospects.

In 2010, HD became the first chapter in California to house both a female President and Vice President. Fatal was the President and Feisty was the Vice President. As of November 2012 the former incumbents are:

Presidents: GhostRyder: 2008-2009; Fatal: 2009-2011; No Brainz: 2012 to Present

Vice Presidents: Switchboard: 2008-2009; Soup: 2009-2010; Feisty: 2010-2011; Ike: 2012 to Present

The High Desert Chapter covers the following cities: Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, California City, Fort Irwin, Hesperia, Lancaster, Needles, Palmdale, Victorville and Yucca Valley and the history begins with:

GhostRyder – 1st President and Founding member
Switchboard – 1st Vice President and Founding member
Daredevil – 1st Treasurer and Founding member
Ike – 1st Prospect Manager and Founding member
Soup – 1st SGT @ Arms and Founding member
Rey Rey – 1st PRO and Founding member
Rogaine – 1st Road Captain and Original Member
So Sincere – Secretary and Original Member
Fatal – 1st Business Manager and Original Member
Redd – Treasurer and Original Member
Ms.T – 1st Secretary returned to the IE Chapter before HD was officially established and recognized
Smash – Soldier returned to the IE Chapter before HD was official established and recognized
Sir Knight – Original Member
White Boy – Original Member
Guam – Original Member
Gauge – Original Member
Ezman – Original Member
Phoenix – Original Member
Magic – Original Member
Hop – Original Member
Solo – Original Member
Jay Starr – Original Member
Jesse James – Transferred from Augusta RR chapter
Joker – Prospect
Chaos – Prospect
Deno – Prospect

*****HDRR Information provided and verified by “GhostRyder” and “Ike”


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